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Soupy Curry with Hearts of Palm and Split Green Peas

Oh how I love Indian food…I think I can write a book on that if I’m asked 🙂  I grew up on Japanese curry that is made with meat and vegetables, seasoned and finished with a roux which comes in … Continue reading

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Bulgur Wheat & Orzo Salad with Cucumber Yogurt Sauce

Easter is approaching along with this kind yet temperamental spring weather. A girl next door knocked on our door late this afternoon.  My son had gone fishing with his daddy so I felt sorry for having to tell her that … Continue reading

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Shrimp, Dill and Capers Flat Cakes

The sky is blue and endlessly high, the sun is smiling, the air feels as clear as it can be.  In spite of all the blessings of early spring, it must have been one of those days that the cooking … Continue reading

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Basil Pesto Meatless Sausage Gravy

Among many vegetarian sausage substitutes, the one I prefer even over real meat products is the Meatless Breakfast Links from BOCA.  I don’t know what it is exactly but maybe has something to do with the spices they use.  Recently, … Continue reading

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Cod with Brussels Sprouts & Lemony Anchovy Butter Sauce

I’m so thankful to have the chance to live in an environment which allows me to try new food from all over the world. However, choices of fresh seafood are so limited here in east Tennessee…and that makes me miss … Continue reading

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Zucchini and Crab Croquettes

Although going to the neighborhood grocery store and wandering around for some fun food is one of my favorite hobbies, having to run for just a few ingredients to make a planed meal complete was the last thing I wanted … Continue reading

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